Previous Projects

A selection of some or our notable projects...


Genesis Energy

Location: Douglas, WY
Project Start Date:April 2013
Completion Date: May 2014
Contract Amount: 9 million

Railroad Specialties, Inc. was contracted to install a loop track consisting of 31,384 track feet on continuous welded rail, along with providing excavation and earthwork.  The scope includes installation of #11 turnouts, and road crossings.




Location: Chester, MT
Project Start Date:September 2011
Completion Date: January 2013
Contract Amount: 1.4 million

Railroad Specialties, Inc. was contracted to construct a loop track consisting of 8,928 track feet and 336 track feet of bad order spur tracks.  The scope includes one #11 turnout, one #9 turnout, ones double switch point derail and one 24' timber road crossing.


Hi-Crush Proppants Sand Loading Facility

Location: August, WI
Project Start Date: May 2012
Completion Date: July 2012
Contract Amount: 4.6 million

Railroad Specialties, Inc. was contracted to install 21,997 track feet of 119 RE jointed rail. The scope includes the installation of eight #9 turnouts along with furnishing two #11 mainline operated turnouts and double switch point derails installed by the Union Pacific. Railroad Specialties also installed three 24' road crossings and signs.



Xcel Energy Hayden, CO Station

Location: Hayden, CO
Project Start Date:May 2011
Completion Date:September 2011
Contract Amount: 6.6 million

Railroad Specialties, Inc. was contracted to install 19,704 track feet of 136 # RE rail, consisting of a main spur and loop track along with two siding tracks. The scope includes the installation of the main spur and loop track crossing over four new bridges. Along with the installation of three #9 turnouts with electric resistance type switch heaters. Also included were the replacement of a culvert and the removal of three existing culverts.


West Plains Company - Alliance, NE

Location: Alliance, NE
Project Start Date: March 2011
Completion Date: July 2011
Contract Amount: 2 million

Railroad Specialties, Inc. was contracted to install 8,912 track feet of new 136# track with welded rail for a Grain Loading Loop Track. The scope includes the installation of two hand operated #11, and two #9 hand operated turnouts. Railroad Specialties also installed 128 track feet of full depth timber road crossings.





Levelland, TX

RSI was awarded the Levelland Industrial Rail Park (LIRP) project in Levelland, Texas in September, 2009. RSI will install over 20,000 track feet of 132# rail and concrete crossties that will create the rail infrastructure of the park. The LIRP is a 243-acre rail served industrial park strategically placed in the heart of the High Plains of Texas. The LIRP is located just 30 miles away from an interchange point in Lubbock, TX that makes connections with the BNSF railway. This opens opportunities for Levelland businesses to ship and receive from anywhere in the US, Mexico, Canada, or overseas to the Far East, Europe, Asia - virtually anywhere in the world that has access to a port. Work will be completed in July 2010.


Henderson, NV

RSI began track rehabilitation work in January, 2010 on the Olin Chlor Alkali Products project in Henderson, NV. Reconstruction of a track scale consisting of removing and replacing the existing scale approach pads, center pad and all walls on two scale bridge pits. Work was completed ahead of schedule and under budget in March, 2010.



Williston, ND

The Halliburton Williston Spur Track Design/Construct contract was awarded to RSI in 2009. The contract included subgrade, 1860 TF, turnouts and a double switch point derail as well as construction of a double track/single track unloading pit. Completion is scheduled for Spring 2010.





La Junta, CO

RSI was awarded a contract through the City of La Junta, Colorado for the Lewis Bolt & Nut Rail Spur project. The contract included engineering, design and construction for approximately 2,024 feet of track. The project was completed in March, 2010.






Rock Springs, WY

RSI was awarded a contract to construct over 32,000 feet of track for the yard expansion project at Simplot Phosphates in Rock Springs, Wyoming. The contract included 18 switches and three road crossings. This project began in the fall of 2007 and was completed ahead of schedule and under budget in 2009.




Craig, CO

RSI, in 2008, was contracted with Tri State Generation and Transmission Association, Inc. for the railroad track repairs at the Craig Generating Station 5 miles south of Craig, CO. It is situated at an elevation of 6,346 feet. The project, which was ahead of schedule and under budget, included complete track removal and reconstruction of 2,070 TF of track and X Turnouts.



Golden, CO

Upgrades to numerous sections of rail were completed by Railroad Specialties, Inc. in the Molson Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado. 350' of track, turnout, switches, rail, ties and ballast were all part of the contract.







Sinclair, WY

Sinclair Refinery in Sinclair, Wyoming, awarded RSI a contract to design and construct over 14,000 feet of subgrade and track. RSI constructed ahead of schedule and under budget ten turnouts and one highway crossing with a crossing warning system and four in-plant road crossings with this track project. The new track will aid in Sinclair Refinery's expansion plans.